About Us
Namegin.com is an internet solution for businesses, individuals, and just about anyone that needs to find other people and businesses.
Our Focus:
Here at NameGin.com we specialize in delivering creative, high-performance, scalable, integrated solutions that help clients conquer their challenges in:

Our Differentiators:
We are UNIQUE in both our approach and expertise.
  • We have over 4 decades of combined Data, Information, Performance and Project Management experience with proven success
  • We combine strategy, operations improvement and technology expertise to create unique, actionable approach that leverages all of our clients’ assets and capabilities
  • Our deep experience in implementation, planning and execution of operationally and technically complex solutions allow us to craft aggressive, yet pragmatic cost-effective strategies that capture measurable value
  • We use multidisciplinary teams with industry specific experience that work in an integrated and collaborative fashion with clients
  • We have strong industry practices to ensure industry specific experience
  • We provide service-levels customized specifically for specific clients needs
  • Finally we are our clients TRUSTED PARTNER

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