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1.1 - What is NameGin?

NameGin allows individuals and businesses to search for other individuals and businesses.

Some Searches people are performing:

  • People
    • Old Friends
    • Relatives
    • High School Sweethearts
    • Teachers
  • Places, ie..
    • Restaurants
    • Software Companies
    • Utilities
    • Publishers
    • Recruiters
    • Media Companies
  • etc...

There is really no limit to what and who you can search for.

1.2 - What is the best way to search on NameGin?

The best way to search on NameGin is to know at least one word or name to search for. Enter that into the textbox you wish to search in. Click Get Results; or simply press enter. Many find it helpful to start with a broad search and narrow their search as they go.

1.3 - Why am I limited to 10,000 results per download?

Presently we set the limit for records downloaded at 10,000.
The reason for this is so that we will be able to server all of our customers expeditiously.

If for some reason you need more records, please contact us at this link.
Please include any addtional information you think you may need.

1.4 - Why does the page show an error on the Lock Icon, when looking at Google Maps?

Unfortunately, when you finish viewing a map link on our site; Google Maps is returning
unauthenticated results from an http protocol, instead of an https protocol.

This is part of Googles design, and we have no control over it.
Rest assured that everything else on our site is secure.

Google just has some issues.

1.5 - Why are no results returned when I search for only part of a word?

We have NOT implemented a feature called Full-Text-Indexing.
Full-Text-Indexing is a fancy way of saying, you can search for any kind of text. The reason we are not implementing it at this time; is because we had to draw a line somewhere...

Either we offer significantly slower searching, or we offer "Known Text searching"; ie whole words;
and give users what they want the most ... Lightning-Fast results.

We chose the latter. We really want to give you results fast.

We may implement Full-Text later, but for now, you can enjoy really fast searches.

1.6 - Why do I have to enable JavaScript?

NameGin uses javascript and jquery extensively throughout.

Therefore, in order to provide you with the service we provide; we respectfully request that you
enable Javascript in your browser.

If you do not know how to do this; the best thing for you to do is either do research on how,
via your browser's help system, or ask a trusted friend.

We hope this does not inconvience you in anyway, and look forward to providing the data you need.

If for some reason you need to, please contact us at this link.

Please include any additional information we may need to assist you.

Thank You for using NameGin.com!

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