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Your key to business success: the “RIGHT information NOW”

In today’s information age, where every smart organization needs to be PROACTIVE – not REACTIVE, NameGin understands each client's unique information management challenges which involve delivering accurate and timely information to support smart and strategic business decisions. A solid approach to proactive enterprise information management provides seamless information access of massive amounts of enterprise data in a streamlined, heterogeneous and real-time environment. This optimizes decision-making, cost-effectiveness and risk-reduction-and takes a firm to the highest level of business and client satisfaction.

The Challenge:

Today’s Management needs real-time access to relevant information often summarized for actionable decision making, from across the business landscape - yet, all too often, the data that is available cannot answer many management's questions in its existing form. It is a challenge for the IT organization to hunt for data through disparate sources. Additional work is required in applying analytics to the data to deliver meaningful insight. Due to the lack of a mature information management process, the project can thus take a while, by which time the information is often outdated and the result is inaccurate.

The Solution:

Effective information management provides seamless information access to a massive amount of enterprise data in a streamlined, heterogeneous and real-time environment that allows business to do analytics, ad-hoc reporting, Dashboard, KPI, predictive analysis, and data mining, etc. Our robust, proven Information Management Practice delivers these vital components. Find out how we can help you resolve your organization’s information management challenges – and take your business to the next level in the process.

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